Youth Eligibility (8-16 year old)

Minimum Age: 8 Years Old
Minimum Height: 4’10” (58″ tall)

What Programs can my child participate in? Youth that meet the minimum age and height requirements are eligible to participate in our race schools and family camps.

What happens after the race school, can my child participate in the endurance races?    Youth under 16 (and meeting the minimums) are required to take the school and obtain clearance from Johan Schwartz, owner and lead instructor, before they are allowed to participate in the races.  Taking a school is not automatic clearance.  Youths are assessed on an individual basis for their eligibility to move on to the endurance races.

Why the clearance before racing?  The average age of our participants in our racing series is 39 years old.  A youth who does not have the added experience of driving a car lacks the automatic skill sets to multi task and make good decisions at the same time.  Youth who demonstrate good decision making, keeping up to speed, have predictability, and have the stamina to run 22 minute stints and still be sharp on the track are the ones who get clearance.

What if my child doesn’t get clearance after a school/camp, what is the next step?  Nothing can substitute seat time.  Racing is like every other sport, it requires practice.  Youth who are not cleared to participate in the races after a school or camp are welcome to participate in another school (same track or a different track) or to run the option practice sessions we run after our school programs.  

Should I take the school/camp with my child?  Yes, for two reasons.  First, it is an incredible bonding experience with your child(ren).  Second, having a good foundation and first hand experience yourself as to what racing is all about will help your child develop his racing interests, whether you are watching racing on TV or on the track.

My child is just shy of the height requirement but is within the age requirements, can you still accommodate them?  The age minimums are set by our insurance and the height by the size of our karts.  All of our karts are and adult kart.  We use seat inserts and pedal extenders to accommodate as short as 4’10”.  Participates who are under this height will be too close to the steering the wheel and will be reaching for the pedals with their big toes.  This is not a safe situation as the gas and the brake must be easily reached for safety, not to mention the youth will be exhausted for reaching hard to a little piece of the pedals.

It is our goal to provide a starting point for all interested racers and racers to be.  We have established our programs and a system that allows youth to be included in this starting point.  We will not clear youth who we feel are not ready for the endurance races.  It is your child’s best interest that we have in mind. 

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