Take FUN Seriously!
Race School:
School emphasis on safety First. The practicing racing side by side with the tape tied to our carts forced us to work with the other driver to maintain speed and control of carts. The constant discussions between racers, instructors and track staff, sharing years of knowledge with beginners to help us become better/faster.
                                  -Bob Everett (PA)
Just a brief note to say thank you for such a great weekend. The school was better than I ever anticipated and the 8 hour race…well I can only say that it was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had (and I didn’t even do that well, that tells you something!). The program you’ve put together is a first class, direct flight to funville and I’m glad I’m along for the ride. Thanks again for being so good at what you do!                                                      
                                     Yours in speed,
                                     Andrika Brown (FL)
Everything was great. We also did the race school on Friday in the rain which was truly an experience. We were initially disappointed that it was raining on Fri am but it turned out to be a lot of fun. The weekend weather was perfect. Rain on Fri and beautiful on Sat for the race.

All in all the whole event is fantastic. You ALL do a GREAT job and I would, and do, highly recommend the both the school and race. I can say without hesitation that this was the highlight of my Summer. (Don’t tell my wife) THANKS!!!!!! and see ya next year
                                                                                       -Rick Hughes (MN)

Endurance Races
The track was terrific, the karts in great condition, and the pit crew and the corner workers did a terrific job! This was our first endurance race and this event exceeded our expectations from every standpoint. The focus on safety and discipline is what made for a really great race.                                               -Bob Yerkey (NJ) Fantastic program with top class equipment and excellent support staff! Worth every penny. I’ll be back for more. Can’t stop telling my friends how much fun it was.
                       -Timothy Hopkin (NC)
Had a blast…will be back for more and encourage others I know to sign up.
                                                                                                        -Sherri Decoursey (IN)
You have just the right attitude. Have fun and keep safe. The entire thing was a blast.
                                             -Kermit Hummel (ME)
Excellent competition, neat locales, and the camaraderie that seems to come so easily among all the competitors. I am also so very impressed with the fact that you folks, Johan, Karen, and all of your employees and volunteers, deliver everything that you say you will in your ads. And not only give us all you say you will, but you do so with a smile and an attitude that makes all of us want to do it all over again.                                     -Ed Mautner (VA) Good competition, unmatched value for the dollar racing experience

Incredibly equal karts, good hard and clean racing, the entire staff did a great job helping us all to just race and have fun.
                              -Russ Wade

Great equipment, competitive racing, emphasis on safety but not at the expense of good racing, staff is super nice and makes everyone regardless of skill level feel good about their racing experience.

Our third race this summer. Our best yet. We are improving and having more fun every time. Well done. We’ve raced with other companies, but they don’t come close to the quality experiences we had with Endurance Karting. You are the best…by far.
                           -Steve Lushbaugh

Family Camp:

Just a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

This past weekend my son (Evan) and I attended the family race camp in Jacksonville, Florida and we had a BLAST! He talked about it all the way home and his new favorite activity seems to be drawing up tracks/corners and diagramming the correct “line”. The whole concept of the family race camp is a great idea and it provided a really neat way for me to share my interest in racing with my son and to have a unique kind of “a boy and his dad” day together.

The whole day was run better than any karting event I have ever participated in. The flow was great…activities ran smoothly and without delay, there was a good and useful balance between track and “classroom” instruction, the staff was friendly and helpful, the instructors were experienced and knowledgeable, and all the explanations of racing concepts were presented in a way that the kids and non-racers could easily understand. Even as an “experienced” karter, I found the instruction, practice exercises, and track time to be informative and useful in helping me understand and improve my skills.

Now I’m looking forward to participating in some of your endurance races and will look to include Endurance Karting events in my planning when it comes to scheduling race weekends.

Thanks again for a great time and a really neat experience for both myself and Evan.

                                                                                                   -Jeff Peters (FL)

I want to thank you, your instructor’s, and your school employees for the wonderful time and treatment my son received on April 30th. Carter is very reserved, shy, and doesn’t always give a very detailed description of events. That wasn’t the case this time, after rested up on Friday evening when my husband and I talked to him from out of town. Carter had a fantastic time, and I am so grateful to your organization for that.
Please pass on my many thanks to everyone involved on Friday April 30th. Carter, and my parents were treated with patients, kindness, and respect. As a parent it means so much to see your child happy and confident. Carter was full of both after Friday. It is people like you and your wonderful organization that give kids, and adults memories that they can carry with them for a lifetime. Thank you!!
                   Michelle Harris (Carter’s mom) (NC)

Thanks for another great day of racing, we are already looking forward to next year and I will bring my other son as well.

What I particularly like apart from the racing itself is the professionalism and friendliness of all your staff.  Its fun but we lean a lot at the same time and I have a new respect for racing drivers!  It is also refreshing that you can run smoothly and safely with the minimum of silly rules and restrictions which seems to have become the norm in the USA.  Treating people with respect as responsible human beings makes a big difference.

                     Doug and Grahame Watt (IL

I want to thank you and your staff for the patients everyone had with my daughter Perry during the recent family school in Jacksonville. She frightened herself during the first few laps Sunday morning when she spun the kart.

Her reaction was act as if she did not like being at the school after that, and she can be quite convincing in her actions. During the walk around the track, your instructors worked with her on every turn, and explained the apex’s to her in a way that she was able to understand. After that she improved on her lap times in each of the following lapping sessions, and started to really enjoy the weekend. On the way home she wanted to know when the next event would be, and express her desire to attended another class. 

She also purchased a Tee Shirt from you and has been wearing it and promoting your race school to everyone that will listen to her.

We hope to see you in Charlotte if our schedule allows.

Again thank you for a great weekend.
                                                                                         -Jim Muncie (FL)

Corporate Events:
“Endurance Karting was a great way for our firm to have a special company outing that would bring the best of competitiveness, teamwork and fun.  Everyone like it so much that we participated in another race within weeks from the first event.  We also invited clients of the firm for the final race of the season.  All of us have become addicted to this wonderful team and their racing events.”
                                                                                                                Fuad Sawaya
                                                                                                                          Sawaya I Segalas & Co. LLC
Just wanted to say thank you …  you guys were AWESOME!  Everything was perfect from the organizing on your part, to the catering, to the smooth race experience from Johan and your team.  Our clients were all immensely satisfied, and we can’t wait to do it again.  Maybe in the spring?
                                                        Paul Belluci
                                                        Jefferies & Co
From who I have seen since then, everyone had a great time. I also have heard many more people who want to do the event. We were going in our local diner Sunday morning and one of the guys who raced was talking to us for 15 minutes about how great it was before we could even get inside for breakfast : 0 ) he said he’s all for it next year!
                           Nicole Blass
                              Hotchkiss School
                              Canaan Fire Dpt