1 Day Program
All Karts Provided
1.5 Hour Seat Time
Limited to 30 Participants
Learn, Practice, and Develop the fundamentals of Racing!

Endurance Karting Race School

Does any of the following apply to you?

   A.   You want to improve your day-to-day driving skills.
   B.   You crave thrills and seek them at every opportunity.
   C.   You enjoy racing and want to learn how to race like your driving heroes.
   D.   You like having fun.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we invite you to join us at an Endurance Karting Race School. 

13For only $350 per student (discounted to $275/participants for groups of 2+), you can learn the ropes of endurance kart racing.  We offer multiple Race Schools on the East Coast this year.  Many of the karting tracks are located at international race tracks and are highly-revered in the racing world.  You’ll make personal history on tracks that have launched the careers of international racers.

We limit each race school to 30 students, which provides a low student-instructor ratio.  We designed our instruction method with the student in mind in order to provide the highest-quality and most enjoyable learning experience possible. Our instructors provide individual instruction and useful feedback to students to ensure that each student masters each skill set.

We combine classroom and hands-on learning to give you the best practical approach to race car driving.  Since our emphasis is on track time, each student receives at least 1-1/2 hours behind the wheel. You learn new racing techniques in stages so you won’t feel overwhelmed having to learn too much at once.  You share camaraderie with your fellow students as you develop a working knowledge of karting in about six hours.  You will experience a wide array of thrills, including planning strategy, racing wheel-to-wheel at 45 mph, and hopefully, being part of a winning team.

Regardless of your motivation, when you participate in an Endurance Karting Race School, you leave having experienced something that impacted your life on so many levels.  Join us at a Race School and see how we “Take Fun Seriously!” 

Program:  Each Endurance Karting Race School covers a number of racing techniques.  Here is just a taste of what you can learn:

Driving Basics:  This is a classroom lesson that provides an overall orientation, an introduction to karts and the meaning of the racing flags.

Lead-Follow with Instructors:  You will drive at a slow, constant speed while you get familiar with the kart.  You will learn the proper race line, turn-in point, apex and exit of turns.

Kart Control: Experiencing the limits of the karts by driving into a curve faster than the tires can handle.  Learn how to counter steer to correct the “oversteer condition” created by the excessive speed.  Once control is obtained you will use proper braking to stop the kart for individual feedback from an instructor.  And you don’t have to pay for the tires if you spin.

Side-by-Side: You will drive closely with an instructor or a fellow student at a medium, constant speed.  

Fast Lead-Follow:  You will drive at a medium-2-high speed as the instructor demonstrates the correct racing line.  Supervised passing will be permitted on the straight aways.

Track Walk:  You will review the racing line from an out-of-kart track perspective and discuss the fine points of reading track surface, correct corner entry implications and incorrect corner entry ramifications. Lunch is also served at this time (we provide lunch and drink).

High Speed Sessions:  These are longer, full speed (or the speed you are comfortable with) sessions.  Included are driver changes and individual practice sessions.  Instructors will illustrate the “trouble corners” and provide individual feedback.  The instructor will emphasize correct racing line, turn in, braking and acceleration points, and open passing. 

Races:  Putting it all together! A fun finish to a great day!

Schedule:  Registration opens at 7:30 am, with Introductions starting at 8:30 am. School typically finishes around 1:00, but may go longer depending on total number of students. The format of the day is as described above.