Pricing & Policies    Perry
How to Register: 
  • We offer secure online registration for your convenience. Click on Event Registration on the top bar and you will see the registration button for each event.
  • Not much of a computer user? Call and register over the phone:




Single Drivers: Be Part of a Team
(we will match you up with a team)

1.5 Hour 1-3 drivers $450 $150 based on 3 drivers per team 
$225 based on 2 drivers per team
2 Hour 1-3 drivers $495 $247.50 based on 2 drivers per team
$165 based on 3 drivers per team
6-Hour 3-6 drivers $1685 $425 based on 4 drivers per team
$527 based on 3 drivers per team
6-Hour at Jacksonville $400.00 of team cost donated to Spina Bifida $1850 $462.50 based on 4 drivers per team
$617 based on 2 drivers per team
24-Hour * 4 – 10 Drivers $5000 thru 7/4/14 : $5250 after 7/4/14
Race Schools & Practice Sessions
Race School:   1 day course $350 for single drivers
$275/participant for groups of 2+ or drivers taking the school and racing in one of Saturday or Sunday’s races
Practice Sessions  10 minute sessions offered Friday afternoon’s of our event weekends  $25 for one 10 minute practice session

Reservation Policy

Team Reservation:

  • Deposit amount dependent on event. 

  • Full team payment due 14 days before event date, 30 Days for the 24 Hours of America

  • If each team member is paying their portion individually, payment must be in full

Individual Reservation (we are matching you up with a team):

  • Deposits available for longer events

Race School and Family Camp:

  • Payment in full to reserve your seat

Payment Methods

  • Deposit payment: 
        Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
        Other: Check or Money Order, Paypal

  • Balance due and Equipment Rental
          Cash or Business Check ONLY


Gear Rental: We have what you don’t have.  No need to pre-reserve your gear, we have plenty.  Those taking registering for a school and a race on the same weekend will receive their rental gear at no additional cost.

  Required/Optional Rental Rating
Helmet Required $ 10.00 Snell 2005 or newer, closed faced
Suit/Jacket Required $ 10.00 Must wear jeans with a jacket
Neck Roll Required $ 5.00  
Gloves Required $ 5.00 closed finger
Rib Protector Optional $ 10.00  
Knee/Elbow Pad Optional $ 5.00  

Cancellation Policy

Domestic Events: (24 Hours of America has separate cancellation policy)

Notification of Cancellation for regular events 
   – Up to 4 weeks prior to the event: Refund amount paid less 5% or transfer amount paid to future event
   – 4 to 2 weeks prior to the event: 50% Refund or transfer less 5% amount paid to future event
   – less than 2 weeks prior to the event: No Refund, we will transfer amount paid less 20%

Notification of Rescheduling
   – We will be happy to reschedule any reservation to another event at no cost, however the second 
rescheduling of the same reservation will incur a 10 percent rescheduling fee (deducted from deposit).

International Events
Due to the nature of international travel and reservations, no refunds will be available after “Deadline” date.

Rain Policy
We race rain or shine.  In an extreme measure where an event is cancelled do to rain, participant must be present to receive voucher for another race.