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Endurance Races:  Up to 24 hour European style endurance races offered.  The race day starts with registration and a driver’s meeting.  A qualifying session determines starting position for the team for the traditional Le Mans style start.  Awards are given to each driver on the top 3 finishing teams of each class (see Classes).   Up to 28 teams competing in a race.  
If you can not sign up for your own team, we will place you on a team. The most race time for your dollar!

Equally Prepared Karts:
In preparation for the race, each kart is thoroughly checked.  All the engines and karts are equalized with state-of-the-art equipment.  Throughout the race, the karts are maintained by our pit crew.  

If a repair is needed during the race, our professional mechanics will promptly repair or replace the kart, returning you to the track as quickly as possible.

Pit Stops:
As a part of the racing excitement, teams plan their own pit-stops (driver changes and fuel stops) with fueling performed by the racing mechanics.  Good racing strategy will impact your finishing position as these races are very close.  Even in the long races, teams will often finish on the same lap.

Race Duration
Fuel Stops


Total # 
of Stops
1.5 Hour
2    Hour
4    Hour
6    Hour
8    Hour

Live Timing & Scoring:
Timing and scoring is done with an AMB computerized system – the same system used in Formula 1 and NASCAR.  Each kart is equipped with a transponder.  Throughout the race, you will have access to a monitor showing you each kart’s position, number of laps completed, current lap time, and best lap times.  This will allow you and your drivers to monitor the progress of your team and compare lap times, among yourselves and the competition.  After the race, complete data, including all individual lap times will be available on our web site.  This allows you to compare and analyze your progress throughout the race and your lap times compared to your teammates and other teams.


Competitive Classes:
All teams will be racing simultaneously and within classes determined by skill, age, and weight.  Awards will be presented to all team members of the top three classes in each class.  All karts are prepared equally, regardless of class.  Karts are assigned by a blind draw prior to first session on track.

GTP Pro-Class Experienced driving teams not classified elsewhere.



More than 25% of the team have more than one year, but less than three years of racing experience.



Team members who have less than one year wheel-to-wheel racing experience 

  GT40-Pro Team members who have an average age of 40 years or older and more than two years wheel-to-wheel experience.


Big Boy Team members who have an average weight of 201lbs. or over.


Our typical 6 Hr Race schedule looks like this.



7:00 a.m. Registration opens & Equipment rental
7:30 a.m. Instructor Lead Track Walk (optional)
8:00 p.m. Drivers meeting – mandatory
8:30 a.m. Practice/Qualifying
9:30 a.m. Green Flag for Race
3:30 p.m. Checkered Flag for Race
3:45 p.m. Closing Awards Ceremony