The Ultimate day of FUN & Team Building!

Endurance Karting will create and customize a program to meet your group’s individualized needs.  Here are a couple of sample programs to help you know what to expect:

Event Design Proposal (based on 40+ participants):

Upon arrival, individuals will sign in and be assigned their gear (helmet, neck roll, gloves and suit/jacket).   The group is greeted and introduced to our staff and the program for the event.  Teams will be determined/announced in the drivers’ meeting, and teams will draw for their kart.   Teams will practice and qualify for about 30 minutes, with each team’s fastest lap determining grid position.   Teams will push their kart out to the starting grid, the National Anthem will play, and the starting driver will participate in a traditional Le Mans Start for the endurance race.  The length of race is determined by your time allowance in combination with daylight and track hours of operation. Teams will be in charge of their own strategy of signaling their driver to the pits, the length of each driving stint, the way in which they exit/enter the kart, etc.  Each driver of the top three teams will receive medals.

Event Design Proposal (based on 15-40 people):

This is similar to the format listed above. Upon arrival, participants will complete gear assignments and orientation/introductions.  We recommend starting with schooling for smaller groups, including a short classroom session introducing apexes and racing line.  Instructors will take participants on a lead-follow around the track.  Once the group is familiarized with the karts and track, it is time to race.  

Small groups allow us to use a combination of sprint races and endurance races.  The sprint races are individual races based on number of laps or timed races. In the endurance races, two to three people will form a team.  Points will be assigned based on finishing order in all events and totaled to determine the day’s overall winners. 

Event Design Proposal (very large groups – size 60+):

When group size is large, we suggest a concession format. The concessions format is simple sessions defined by laps or time, where participants go out 1 or more times for sessions. This is a simple format that enables the most opportunity for your party to have a turn on the track. Pricing changes from a per person format to an hourly per kart charge.

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Endurance Karting was a great way for our firm to have a special company outing that would bring the best of competitiveness, teamwork and fun.  Everyone like it so much that we participated in another race within weeks from the first event.  We also invited clients of the firm for the final race of 
the season.  All of us have become addicted to this wonderful team and 
their racing events.

              Fuad Sawaya
Segalas & Co. LLC



  What is Included:

  • Custom designed programs

  • Professional Instruction, support personnel and safety equipment

  • Full viewing access to electronic timing system for qualifying and scoring of racing

  • No liability for kart damage

  • Individual completion certificates

  • Insurance

         We Focus On:

·         Team Building
·         Excitement
·         Adventure
·         Competition
·         Fun
·         Safety


  • 0-30 participants $365.00/Participant*
    *$10,500.00 minimum per event (Some Tracks and Configurations have additional charges)

  • 30+  participants $345.00/Participant

  • Large groups or multiple day events change to per kart/per hour pricing.

Also Available upon Request

Trophies & Additional Awards

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