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Teambuilding at its best! 



Endurance Karting Corporate Events are the ideal solution for companies seeking uniqueness while planning the next corporate outing or team building exercise.

How is Endurance Karting unique?  It combines the exhilaration of racing wheel-to-wheel, two inches from the ground in karts that reach 45 mph with the practical application of important corporate skills including communication, teamwork, and creativity. 

The cost per person for this activity is as low as $345.  This is quite a value, as the fee includes safety equipment, karts, insurance, staff and much more.  Our professional staff will organize the entire event for you, leaving your time free for other important duties.  We accommodate groups of 15 to 120 people and can tailor a program to meet your group’s needs. 

The event agenda can include a brief racing school, sprint races and endurance races, depending on the number of people and amount of time allotted for the event.

Where is the track?

Endurance Karting is a mobile karting company.  Tell us where you are considering having your event, and we will coordinate a track.  We also have some tentative dates at certain tracks.  We can even come to you and set up in large parking lots.

“Fun” and “Different” are the distinctions of this corporate outing and team building exercise.

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Why is Endurance Karting the best choice?

Inexpensive:  The cost for an Endurance Karting Corporate Event can be as low as $345 per person.  This includes safety equipment (helmet, neck roll, gloves and driving suit/jacket), insurance, karts, staff, participation awards, conference tent, and more.

No Crash Damage:  The host company and participants are not responsible for kart or equipment damage.

Casual Communication Opportunity:  Endurance Karting Corporate Events facilitate communication with employees, colleagues and clients in a laid-back, non-pressure environment.

Practical Knowledge:  Our instructors teach the basics of karting and prepare participants for safe wheel-to-wheel on-track maneuvers in the same day.  The hands-on experience helps enforce knowledge of every driving skill set.  No other organization offers that opportunity.  Additionally, participants break into teams and develop strategy throughout the races, thus challenging their communication and teamwork skills.

Mobile:  We are a mobile company.  We can entertain you anywhere, even in the company parking lot.  You are also welcome to join us at one of the seven tracks along the East Coast at which we host racing events.

Exciting:  Our specially designed safety bar on the karts and slower speeds than a regular race car have given us a record of zero incidents.  However, this is not a dull experience.  The closeness to the track and the wheel-to-wheel racing make for a thrilling sensation.

Un-intimidating:  Participants feel totally comfortable on the road course, thereby avoiding the intimidation of driving on a large and open race track.

Value:  We offer more driving time per person than any other racing program.

Participation Opportunities for Everyone:  There is plenty of activity even for those unable to race.  Those individuals can serve as a team manager by tracking lap times, helping with driver changes, planning strategy and supporting his or her team.

Custom Programs:  Each program is tailored to accommodate your group size, goals and location.  

Click here for Sample Programs and Pricing